Designed to inspire sales

If you're like the majority of business owners, you got into your business to do what you love. But then you discover *with horror* you actually have to SELL for your business to work.

Whether you choose a template or a custom build, all CRVS websites are designed to make selling a breeze.

So why choose a template?

Forget what you think you know about templates...

If you're thinking basic, boring, same-as-everyone-else websites that are actually too hard to DIY anyway then let me STOP. YOU. THERE...

The CRVS templates are strategically designed to enhance your unique brand and create a dreamy buyers' journey (because what's the point if it looks good but doesn't get those sales?!). All you need to do is plug in your branding, copy and images and BAM you'll have a gorgeous, unique-to-you site that has that special custom-build feel (without the price tag).

Designed on Weeknight Website without an ounce of code in sight, these templates are designed to empower you to take control of your digital marketing.

So what makes these templates so great?

Everything you'd expect from a custom build...


SEO Optimized. Optimized for mobile (and any other device). Ready and waiting to connect with your email marketing, and your CRM platform... Everything you need to dazzle your clients and run your biz, simply.


Beautifully designed with your clients in mind. After all, this website is for them. To fall in love with your brand. To feel like the just *have* to work with you. To become a loyal fan... That's how these templates are designed.


A ton of support to help you become the DIY whizz we know you can be. Each template comes with template-specific tutorials and, if that wasn't enough, you get access to the FULL Weeknight Website tutorial library.

When done right, your website can make your clients fall in love with your brand...

The templates work for a whole range of businesses:

Mindset Coach


Digital Marketer


Business Consultant

Virtual Assistant

Personal Stylist

Financial Advisor

Brand Designer

Interior Designer

Wellness Blogger

Social Media Manager

the list goes on... short, if you're a business who needs a curated online presence, the templates are for you

The templates are designed to be non-industry specific so they can help as many businesses as possible build the online presence that dreams are made of. If you like the look of a template but want to make sure it will work for your business, email to find out we can figure out the best solution for your business.


Untitled design (45)

take a look for yourself...

Before you decide to spend top dollar (and enter a dreaded waitlist), why not take a look at the ever-growing library of templates.

You might just fall in love...

but Sometimes custom really is the only way...

Apply to work with CVRS directly

Sometimes you really do need your website built for you; maybe you have zero interest (or free time) in learning DIY or maybe you're business is growing so quickly you need some specific extras that aren't on the templates. There are two ways you can work with me personally to build your dream site: Website In A Week & Website In A Day. WIAD is the choice for you if you found a template you love but have no desire for DIY while WIAW is the perfect option if you need a bigger, bespoke project build.

The core values

three principles CRVS is ALL about:


You are capable of all the great business things. Sometimes we all just need a little help to remind ourselves of how freakin' capable we are.


I am a massive believer that tech and access to information should never be the thing to stand in your way. The blog is full of free info to help you on your way.


Because what's the point in all this if we aren't connecting with others and making an impact? Your website is your way to reach as many of your tribe as possible.

The lady behind the designs

Get to know Roisin

Roisin Williams, founder of Cara Rose Virtual Solutions. Branding & Web design | social media strategy | workflow optimisation

I help inspirational entrepreneurs overcome their marketing fears & wow their dream clients through beautiful & strategic websites. 

To me there is nothing more empowering than seeing someone fully step into their power, and nothing does that like building your own business. I get how frustrating it can be when you have a killer idea but you don't know how to get it out into the world. My "zone of genius" is translating what you do into a way that captivates your audience and leaves them dying to work with you. I know that for so many people, the tech behind a website build brings on sweaty palms and sleepless nights - so I've made it my mission to take away that anxiety (because I actually LOVE the nitty gritty of web design).

I know I've done my job right when... *lovingly* I never hear from you again (about your website) because you feel so confident and empowered to maintain it yourself - but, of course, I am always here if you do get stuck.

Before finding web design, I was a disillusioned 9-5er and serial studier...

Confession time: I never had any intention of becoming an entrepreneur and certainly never considered myself as being creative. I did what you're "supposed" to do (don't get me started on how the school system discourages entrepreneurship): I studied hard and got good grades, went to a great uni then graduated and found a stable 9-5. Which was fine. And by fine I mean slightly soul-destroying. Begging to get holiday while barely affording the cost of living was just not doing it for me - crazy I know. So I started to look for something else that would at least pay better and went off to study law. I shipped myself off to London and worked really hard but when it came down to applying for jobs, I was hesitant... I knew I'd hate the long hours and constantly cancelling plans even if the pay was amazing, but what other options were there? And then COVID struck.

I had no job and no savings after spending it all on my masters degree...

... and out of desperation to make some money I sort of just 'fell' into web design. I took a course on branding and web design, did a ton of learning on YouTube (raise your hand if this sounds familiar) and started with a LOT of trial and error. It started as a side hustle while I looked for a 'proper' job but I very quickly realized how sweet I had it: I could make real money AND manage my own schedule.

It can be hard, but it's oh so worth it

One thing I've learned along the way is how important it is to get help when something isn't your jam. Which is why I love building websites for passionate entrepreneurs... people like you who have so much to share with the world and you'll be damned if you let something like poor website building skills stop you. So let me join you in this small part of your epic entrepreneur journey and take one thing off your plate.

We'll get on if...

1. You are obsessed with self-development - the way to my heart is a good book recommendation, shall we start a book club?!


2. You like a bit of woo woo in your life (2/4 emotional generator with Aquarius sun, Capricorn moon and Sagittarius rising if you're curious)


3. You love building connections with other entrepreneurs (and people in general, I like people) - friend coffee dates give me life and I'd be lost without facetime


Things I Can't Live Without

1. my family - cheesy but true, and this includes my very cute but extremely high maintenance pup Poppy


2. hot yoga - a relatively new but totally addictive hobby


3. coffee - I'm a new(ish) mama I need all the energy boosts I can get