Terms & Conditions - Product Purchase


These Terms detail how you (the user) can make a purchase from our Site and outline your rights and restrictions regarding the products. Please read through them carefully and should you have any questions, you can email us at hello@cararosevirtualsolutions.com and we would be happy to assist.

It is our greatest wish that you be completely satisfied with the products you purchase and if you have any questions, we are always happy to hear from you via the email above.

These Terms are to be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use which are linked here and can be accessed via the Site footer.

These Terms are governed by UK legislation and as such, any claims or disputes that arise are solely the jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales - by making a purchase you acknowledge this.


Due to the digital nature of the products, when you purchase a product you will be given access to said product instantly along with any specified support documentation and tutorials. At the point of purchase, you are providing your consent to receive access the product and in doing so you will lose your right to a refund or cancellation. Due to this, we strongly recommend checking your cart to make sure the product(s) you have selected are correct.

If you contact us before purchasing a product to help determine which product(s) is right for you, we will do our best to advise you which product is most appropriate. We make no guarantee that the product(s) we recommend are suitable for your business.

If you believe you are entitled to a refund for reasons not outlined, please outline your reasons in an email to hello@cararosevirtualsolutions.com

Intellectual Property

We reserve all rights to our intellectual property for all our products and services (whether these are templates or bespoke services). You are free to use the products digitally and to customize them as advised on the product page for your personal use but you are not permitted to copy, distribute, edit or share the product with third parties unless specifically agreed.

Using the website templates

The website templates are intended for you to download, edit and publish via Weeknight Website. Please note that before you can publish the website, you must edit these templates; you will receive instruction on how to do so when you receive the template. This includes editing the copy, images and branding. You do not need to edit the page layout before publishing although you are permitted to do so.