Designed to stand out

It's time for a website you actually want to show off...

Say goodbye to sheepishly sharing your URL with clients - or worse, having a permanent 'coming soon' page. You're website has been on your to do list for ages but the thought of tackling the tech always leads you to procrastination...
Say hello to the VIP Day you've been dreaming about: THE WEBSITE EDITION


Website In A Day

Literally, you'll get your website up and running in a day (imaginative name, I know). First step - pick your template; second step - sit back and relax while I tailor the site to fit perfectly with your brand and site goals. We'll finish the day with a celebration that you're finally getting your website off your to do list.

And boy does that feel satisfying.


The important stuff

What you'll get:

  • A fully customized, beautiful website built on Weeknight Website (an easy-to-use WordPress hosting platform) with all your branding, copy and photography proudly out there for the world to see - No. More. Hiding

  • Mobile-optimized, SEO-optimized, sales-optimized, integrated with your email list builder, social media, and CRM platform... basically all the website buzz-words you can think of, it'll have

  • 2 weeks of Voxer support post build to answer any questions that come up around how your site works - this isn't one of those 'you have to fend for yourself' situations

  • Access to recorded video tutorials that walk you through how to make easy changes to your site. You'll also get access to the full Weeknight Website tutorial library with your subscription (trust me, it's amazing)

How it works

The Timeline

Step 1: The Sign Up Stage

So you've browsed through the templates and found one you love you just don't want to DIY Enter Website In A Day Or maybe you like the general vibe of the templates but need a bit of help deciding which one will suit you best. Click on the 'Get On The Waitlist' button, fill out the application and I'll be in touch, very, very soon. We will kick off with a Getting To Know You call to make sure we're a great fit. If all goes well, it's time to get you signed up and get that date in the diary. Once you're all signed up you'll get instant access to your client portal with all the project details and your homework (more on that up next).

STEP 2: THE homework

Don't worry this is the best type of homework, it's getting your website content together. In your client portal you will find questionnaires on your branding and site goals and prompts for your copy and photography. I strongly suggest you hire professionals to help you nail these but I am just a text away for any advice in the run up to our VIP Day.


Woohoo the day has arrived! Kicking off with a strategy call, we'll run through your branding, copy and photography to make sure I know exactly what you're dreaming of. Once we've made sure we're on the same page, its time for you to go and chill (or crack on with your busy day, I know that entrepreneur hustle is real). I will be working my design magic on your site, making sure it is perfect for your business before we check back in at the end of the day (or the next day depending on time zones - we're international baby).

Step 4: The Handover

Time for the big site reveal!!! At this point we're so close to the finish line - this call is all about making any tweaks that you want, connecting your various other accounts and running through how the site works so you can make changes in the future. Don't worry, you won't have to remember all this as you'll also get access to the easy how-to tutorial videos specific to the template your site is built on. And that's a wrap - I can't wait to see you launch your new site and step into your next level business shoes, because the world needs your genius.


Picture this

A website you can be proud of...

You're chatting to a perfect potential client in the DMs; they're seeming really keen to work together... they ask for your website link to check out your work... And you send them a link to your gorgeous new site, not a single excuse in sight. What used to be a source of anxiety can now give you comfort - they're already interested in working with you know your website will seal the deal. It's time to do your best happy dance.

So it's time to be a doer rather than a dreamer. Let's take action and get your dream website up and running. All you need to do is...

Untitled design (54)

The Investment

Choose from 3 easy payment plans

pay in full

1 payment of $2500

50 now | 50 on start date

2 payments of $1250

Monthly payments

5 payments of $625

Decision Time

Is Website In A Day The Right Fit For YOU?

This would be great for you if:

You're a service provider (online or in person) who is ready to raise you online presence

You either don't have a website or the one you have is so NOT on brand that you hide it away

You've found a template you love but the thought of DIY gives you night terrors

This isn't the best fit for you if:

Your business is purely eCommerce - a Shopify site would probably suit you better

Your business is growing and you need extras like an online shop, course or funnel system... check out WIAW for a bespoke build

You're a DIY Queen (or King)  - the template shop is the place for you

Got a Question?


Check out the FAQs to see if you can find your answer. If you can't find what you're looking for, click here to send an email.

What will I need to do or have in preparation for the build?

Before working together, you will need your branding (think color palette, brand voice, logo etc), the website copy and photos. To set your website up to be its most successful version, I strongly recommend hiring professionals for all three of these things.

You will be provided with prompts for your brand strategy, copy and photography on the client portal and we can discuss the provision of these services if they are needed.

Can I have my website on another platform?

Websites are only built on Weeknight Website (a WordPress hosting & builder platform). This is because I truly believe it is the best option out there to take advantage of the powerful capability of WordPress while still making it easy enough for you to make your own edits in the future. The platform is more intuitive to use than other WordPress based providers, plus their support team is super helpful.  

What other fees will I need to pay?

In addition to the cost of the website build, you will need to pay for your domain name, a subscription to Weeknight Website (they offer monthly and yearly options) as well as any additional platforms we discuss e.g for shop and online course functionality.

All additional fees will be discussed prior to your commitment on the project.