look at you go

so You need a website that drives your massive business growth?

Does this sound familiar? You've built a thriving business but you've reached full capacity and don't know how to get to that next stage? Maybe things are falling through the cracks, or quite simply, you feel exhausted.

Believe me, it's not you. It sounds like you're ready for a classic system upgrade. And I've got just the thing...


Website In A Week

Think beautiful website, but on steroids.

This week (or 2) long package will not only leave you with a dreamy site that you're proud to show off, it will give you an automated marketing system, complete with sales pages and integration to all the important stuff like email marketing and your CRM. We work together closely to figure out exactly what your specific needs are, the journey you want to take your clients on and how you want to tell your story. I'll get to work building, you'll sit back and relax (or, let's face it, get back to your super busy entrepreneur life). By the end of the week you'll have a website that wows your clients AND elevates you to your next business level.

The important stuff

What you'll get:

Well really that's up to you. This is after all a bespoke build package. But here are a list of things that we can achieve:

  • A fully functioning, SEO Optimized, mobile-friendly website that looks fabulous on every device (OK so this one isn't optional, you'll get this no matter what extras you need)

  • As many long and short form sales pages as you need, along with a strategic funnel map to maximize conversions and get those coveted repeat customers

  • A fully customized blog - if writing is your thing, a well-thought-out blog will never not help your business grow

  • An eCommerce shop: one of the best ways to build a passive income stream into your business is through a digital store

  • Online courses: my other top recommendation for building up that passive income... you are here to level up after all

How it works

The Timeline


If you love what you see, go ahead and click the 'Get On The Waitlist' button and you'll be asked to fill out some information about your project. I'll be in touch shortly and we will jump on a call to see if we're a great fit for each other (if I'm not quite what you're looking for I will always try to recommend someone who I think would fit the bill). On the call we will talk specific deliverables, timelines and pricing and payment plans. Once we have all the details ironed out you'll get access to the client portal where you can find all your project info.

STEP 2: THE homework

Don't worry this is the best type of homework, it's getting your website content together. In your client portal you will find questionnaires on your branding and site goals and prompts for your copy and photography. I strongly suggest you hire professionals to help you nail these but I am just a text away for any advice in the run up to our build week.

STEP 3: The build week

The exciting part - kicking off with a super-in-depth strategy call where we will cover everything from inspo sites so customer journey plans. This can be quite a long call so you will need to allocate a couple of hours - don't worry, the coffee is on me! The goal is for me to come away knowing exactly what your vision is and for you to come away eagerly anticipating your site coming to life. Throughout the week (or two depending on the site size) there will be various check ins to keep everything on brand and aligned with your vision.

STEP 4: the handover

Woohoo time to celebrate! Ending the week with a final handover call, we will run through every page on your site, making sure you're 100% happy. I'll give you (and your assistant if needed) a masterclass on how to make your own changes (but don't worry about remembering, you'll also get pre-recorded tutorials for all the changes you might need to make). My biggest hope is that you feel empowered to step into your next level business owner shoes armed with your client-wowing new website. I'm so excited for you!


Picture this

All your website dreams answered...

No more longing the marketing systems of the hotshot in your niche... you ARE the hotshot in your niche. Your clients can't get over how dreamy your site is, your funnels are running 24/7 and you've started making money while you sleep (because what could be more satisfying, am I right?!). Gone are the days when you sheepishly share your website link for clients to book your services. Now you're shouting from the rooftops for them to head on over and see all you have to offer. Life is good, running your business has become organized, and dare we say it, easy. You focus all your energy on serving your clients and living your life - the reasons you turned to that entrepreneurship life in the first place.

This reality is so close for you, all you need is a helping hand to get set up.

Gorgeous website here you come...


The Investment

Choose from 3 easy payment plans

pay in full at booking

50% at booking 50% at start

4 equal Monthly payments

The Website In A Week investment starts at $5000. A full quote will be provided following an in-depth discussion of your individual website needs.

Decision Time

Is Website In A Week The Right Fit For YOU?

This would be great for you if:

You're a (almost) fully booked out service provider who is ready to enter the scale phase of your biz

You have validated your offerings with your audience & you're ready to offer to a wider audience

Your existing website is embarrassing & DIY is simply not on your agenda

This isn't the best fit for you if:

You're just getting started with your biz and not ready for a big investment - consider a simpler (but still effective) website from the template shop or Website In A Day

You're looking for eCommerce-only site - you should check out Shopify

You already have a website on another platform and don't want to switch over

Got a Question?


Check out the FAQs to see if you can find your answer. If you can't find what you're looking for, click here to send an email.

What will I need to do or have in preparation for the build?

Before working together, you will need your branding (think color palette, brand voice, logo etc), the website copy and photos. To set your website up to be its most successful version, I strongly recommend hiring professionals for all three of these things.

You will be provided with prompts for your brand strategy, copy and photography on the client portal and we can discuss the provision of these services if they are needed.

Can I have my website on another platform?

Websites are only built on Weeknight Website (a WordPress hosting & builder platform). This is because I truly believe it is the best option out there to take advantage of the powerful capability of WordPress while still making it easy enough for you to make your own edits in the future. The platform is more intuitive to use than other WordPress based providers, plus their support team is super helpful.  

What other fees will I need to pay?

In addition to the cost of the website build, you will need to pay for your domain name, a subscription to Weeknight Website (they offer monthly and yearly options) as well as any additional platforms we discuss e.g for shop and online course functionality.

All additional fees will be discussed prior to your commitment on the project.